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We understand why people adore dolphins and love to see them up close. But to use dolphins, merely for our entertainment, is wrong. Moreover, the conditions in dolphinaria are inadequate and will never be able to meet the natural needs of dolphins and other marine mammals. To illustrate: dolphins there have access to less than 0,000001% of their natural habitat. Furthermore, the integrity of the animals is affected. More and more, animals are impregnated on purpose by artificial insemination. In addition, the animals are being used as clowns. Trainers stand on their snouts and surf on their backs. How respectful is that towards the dolphin?

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The Dolphinarium in the Netherlands is located in the town of Harderwijk. What do we want? These posters the entire high season – 8 weeks in July and August – at the railway station of Harderwijk! In addition, in at least 10 busses that drive around Harderwijk during this same period! We can’t do this alone. Will you help us?


62% raised

Raised € € 2.373,50 of €3800

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