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Dear Aspro Parks,

Recently I learned that you are the owner of 6 marine parks. These are the Dolfinarium (NL), Boudewijn Seapark (BE), Palmitos Park (ESP), Aqualand Costa Adeje (ESP), Marineland Mallorca (ESP) and Marineland Catalunya (ESP).

Just like a growing number of people across the world I am concerned about the life of the marine mammals in captivity. More and more researchers and biologists are raising concerns. Belgian biologist Dirk Draulans stated a few weeks ago that dolphins are amongst the category of animals that are not suitable for captivity(1). This because they stay in motion their whole lives and in captivity their possibilities for movement is limited. Among other scientists(2) and biologists is the worldwide known Jane Goodall(3).

Over the years, you have proven with many of your parks that entertainment can also be succesful without the use of animals. So I would like to ask you sincerely to take the reports and knowledge of the experts and biologists seriously and start working on the closure of the marine parks. Several animal welfare/rights groups are capable to help (both financially and logistically) with rehabilitating the animals to the wild and/or to specialised sanctuaries.

If you have any further questions, please contact Bite Back.

Kind regards,


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