Call upon Aspro Parks to close the marine parks!

Send an email, letter or take action

Aspro Parks is the owner of 68 parks, including 6 marine parks. In these parks intelligent marine mammals, such as dolphins and porpoises, are suffering from stress and boredom. They are locked in small basins and have to perform shows to entertain visitors. 

Aspro Parks managed to proof with dozens of their parks that entertainment is also possible without animal abuse. That's why we are starting an international call-out to Aspro to shut down the marine parks!

Shut down the Dolfinarium! - Shut down Boudewijn Seapark! - Shut down Palmitos Park! - Shut down Marineland Mallorca! - Shut down Marineland Catalunya! - Shut down Aqualand Costa Adeje!

Take action!

To add strength to the demand, we would like to appeal to approach Aspro Parks. Want to know what you can do? Below are some ideas. But above all, be creative and do your own thing!
Organise a protest at one of the 68 locations of Aspro Parks. This can be a manifestation or a playful action, most of all be creative!

By doing this we put international pressure on the owner to close all their marine parks.

Contact us if you need help, we will gladly help you out!
Send an e-mail to the Aspro Parks headquarters and kindly ask them to close all their marine parks. You can find an example of such an email here.

You can also send an e-mail to one (or more!) of the 68 locations, asking them to ask the headquarters to close all dolphinariums.
Organise a letter-writing campaign to Aspro Parks headquarters. Send personal messages of your group and/or friends to the headquarters in Madrid to this address:

c/Oquendo 23, 2ª planta
28006 Madrid
Make a post on social media where you call for the closure of all dolphinariums, use the hashtag #AsproParks.
Are you going to undertake something yourself, be it something mentioned before or your own idea? If so, be sure to let us know!

What do we want to achieve with this campaign?

We would like to bring Aspro Parks into the spotlights on an international level. This with a loud and clear signal: it's time to shut down the marine parks.

Next to that we are trying to raise awareness around the issues of keeping marine mammals in captivity. Let's work towards a future without the use of animals for entertainment!

Do you have any questions? Please let us know. Send us an email at .

Where do you find the Aspro Park locations?

Who are we?

Bite Back is an animal rights organization that is active in both the Netherlands and Belgium. Both countries still have one Marine Park, in both cases owned by Aspro Parks.

Bite Back België and Bite Back Nederland are already campaigning for over 10 years against marine parks and are fighting for a ban on marine parks.

With this action we want to put pressure on Aspro Parks, mainly on those parks housing marine mammals.

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